Team Building Day

There are many corporate experience and team building day offerings designed to offer something for everyone. Our business is an enterprise wholly owned by Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service and we have deliberately chosen to adapt our approach to aspects of training, development and team building culture into a unique, team building experience for our customers.

Fire and Rescue services are all about preventing accidents at home, out-doors and in the workplace. When things do go wrong however, our highly trained resources have to be prepared to take rescue control of incidents and minimise loss of life or serious injuries.  To deliver on these obligations, fire services across the UK place training and skills enhancements  at the centre of everything they do. Teamwork is paramount in the execution of major incident management and rescue. We have taken our experience and knowledge of fire and rescue training and applied these to our Team Building programmes for customers, to give delegates a lasting experience designed to inform of the values we hold and transfer the benefits of team work in every enterprise.

Every team building day is unique as we seek to incorporate your choices in the planning of every event. To find out more about how we can help your enterprise with our team building events, contact us today.