Business Contingency Planning

We know there are many risks which threaten business continuity and our focus is on helping our customers plan to put their disaster recovery plans in motion in a safe, test environment. We hope that your business or service never has to deal with a catastrophic loss of site and even worse, people. Should the worst ever happen to your business, how well developed are your plans for business continuity? What are those plans, whio are the people responsible for putting them into action and how well will they perform?

Through our association with Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service and experienced instructor team, we have constructed a Business Continuity test programme. In this event, our customers are challenged with an unforeseen disaster which has crippled a business location. In addition to the prime considerations around staff and customer safety, what further actions must happen to ensure business continuity?

Contact us for more information on how we might be able to assist you with planning and activating damage limitation and Business Continuity on the day of a disaster – which we hope will never ever happen.